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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hi everyone.. I don't want to write much here.. lets the picture do the talking..


Last week, I went to Miri for Shopping at the same time I oso hunting some new & cool toys, here are the picture of what have I bought from Miri trip.

2 Mighty Muggs & Spawn mini Playset..


Hellooo good morning People.. morning jua ni kul 1:40 am kali ah..kacau lagi connection dirimba ani.. payah ku kan upload n reply arah chatbox atu.. emmm..

ok before I made any HT review , I would like to share with u guys.. some of my Unuse parts & accessories which comes from my previous 1/6 figures collection.. have a look n i hope u will enjoy..

some boots which available for sell in set arah Little M with complete military suit.. selling for B$12.90 kalau inda salah jua tu

A lot of extra hand with variety of action ( ada dari Medicom / Hottoys /BBi / and some more dari brand lain)

Jersey Bula.. got it from my 1/6 Beckham, masa ani jadi askar ia hahah

extra head sculpture - jangan hairan ada yang macam zombie atu.. homemade kali ah kalah hot toys tu hehe..

more weapon

pemarang pun ada.. look at picture below... sudu pun ku ada..

military beg & some Batman's Weapon from Hottoys

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I'm currently waiting for this item, Just made the Payment via paypal yesterday morning. I guess I have to wait until early January due to the X'mas & New Year Celebration..kalau awal sampai lagi baik time ku cuti panjang ani jua.. Anyw to those who interested to get this kit, u can simply get it from the HLJ ( http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN961401 ) for B$82.00 + shipping charge. mahalkah 1/8 or 22 inch tingginya ni choi...


Do you believe that sometime you will get something that valuable with cheaper & easy.. What I'm going to post here is an example of it.Inda pulang ku minat tapi mun murah...

I'm sure some of u are familiar with three of this characters.. and I'm sure u had seen this toys selling somewhere. I dn't hve to mention where..

They are CAMUS, KRAUSER & JAGI from the Death Metal Band - Honestly I haven't seen any of their cartoon or show.. and I have no idea what the story all about.. heheh

among three of them . I like this guy..love his hair..

Always got confused with this two guys.. macam kambar siam jua..

would you like to believe me if i told you that , I bought them just only for B$21.00 + shipping (brand new)

end of post..esok kraja.. haha inda ku sabar HT


Good Morning Everyone.. As I Promise today I'm going to post the continuation of my recent project.. keep on scrolling and have a closer look..

As i mention before I plan to add an additional lower lips on the bumper and side skirt.. kan bagi randah lagi bah..By using from the unused plastic frame as my guide for shaping the body kits..

Covered with Tamiya Putty all around the Plastic frame, have to wait for 5-9 hours, depends on the temperature lah.

once dry it's ready for trimming & reshaping - time to get dusty...iatah time ku selalu kana marah ni oleh my mum.. bejurit!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Hi again. before I made my part 2 review of the scale model project.. I would like to share with you guys another set of my Hotwheels collection. Payah ku collect ni..

ok this are my complete set WWE Hotwheels collection .. A set of 5

All car represent a character from the WWE wrestler..

EDDIE GUERRERO - He use to drove this car masa kan bewrestler..

HULK HOGAN - Legend inda sadar diri..

BATISTA - One of my favorite wrestler

And ani for TRIPLE H..


Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen.. Cuti kah ? heheh I'm working with the government ani cuti pulang ni.. hehe public holiday kali ah.. ok now lets start with the business.. here is my latest scale model car project which is still in progress.. baru jua start kemarin..

I got this car from an old frnd who use to collect and got the same hobby macam tani ani jua.. but he has stop collecting since he got married ..ani beranak 3 lagi.. to Hj Mali thanks mun ada lagi antar ja ke rumah..

S-MX from HONDA..I have no idea ada kah inda ni, model ani di Brunei.

since this is an old model car.. I'm going to made some modifacation on the body.. nya xzibit.. I'm going to pimp this ride...

Bagi scoop dapan engine bonnet....

add on wide fender & soon additional lower lips

thanks for viewing.. stay tune for the next stage...


Today I went to GO FIGURE shop hunting for new toys..Guess what did book today..
25th karang ku mengambil.. I'm going to get both of them heheh hint ja tu


Helomelo everyone.. here i just wanna share with you guys some of my collection which i bought from Miri few months ago..

I don't know what to call them - Macam Kubric ada jua - macam Lego ada jua..

it is a set of three characters from a famous nightmare movie..with 3" height- cute kan!!

Leatherface ( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) , Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)

and Freedy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) Aku paling suka ani..cool kali ah

now watch the new trailer of the new movie of "A Nightmare On Elm Street"
Coming soon in April 2010.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi.. sorry today lambat sikit for posing ehh posting .. kalat mata dah ni.. To much work in my office & just finish washing my car hehe.. ok now don't waste more ur time.. scroll saja...

above: one of my previous hototoys collection.. just found this extra head while i was cleaning up my room last Sunday..ok now lets check the package first..

lovely & Nice packaging.. black & silver great combination color

back view of the package..

ok now let unbox him..

given with plastic standing base


i dont know what to call this part..iatah tampat liher nya tu

as u can see I snap the nick with the joint.. now he's Ready kan bebadan tah ia ni.

now lets try some naked pose...

Sukooooo.... tah Pandai jua besila- selapas bebaju baru tah dapat bedoa..

posing with the stand given... will try to paint the stand with black color..