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Friday, June 17, 2011


This is my second part review with few more closer up picture of the IronMan MARK IV.. I hope this post will enough to cover up the beautiful detail of thes 12" figure from the IROMAN 2 movie.
Basically the new MARK IV has a brighter color scheme, a generally more angular design and aerodynamic cutting then the previous MARK III.
These are closer views of Ironman MARK IV amors as seen from the back.
Closer-up of the MARK IV chest with the armor cover.. the Micro reactor on the chest can be lighten up with switch on button hidden located at the back of the figure.
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark head sculpture with the sunglasses on and with out shades.. Amazing the quality of the sculpt and paintwork for the 1/6 figure nowadays are so real and life like. kalau pakai rambut banar ni lagi cun..
ok I guess that all for today, I 'll come up with another review of Tony Stark with his custom suit.. thanks for viewing and see you guys on the next post :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


tonight post will be my Hottoys IRONMAN MARK IV.. don't waste more time.. kan tidur ku dah ni...
anyway the Hottoys Ironman 2 : Mark 4 figure packaging is prerty simple and strightforwar, color printing on glossy card for the outer cover.
when we sliding off the slipcase cover.. you will get another box with window box showing the Ironman Mark IV figurine and accessories displayes in its tray for all to see.
closer look of the internal box (window box that i mention before)
ok mari kita rogol dia.. basically there are three tray in all holding the figure, accessories and two sets of stand.. the first tray as usual holding most of the Mark IV extra accessories, the extra head sculpture with authentic likeness of Robert Downey as Tony Stark, one donut with box and three pairs of extra hands and not to forgot the Mark IV it self..
there were two types of stand given on this pack.. one an oval -shaped figure stand with mark IV nameplate withmovie logo and an additional square shape figure stand with LED light up function which operated by battery.
talking on the head sculpture to me.. this look 100% like Robert Downey Jr as Tony stark.. one of the best top 3 head sculpture that Hottoys ever made..
as i mention before.. this Mark IV are given with pair of hand with movable fingers which have individual articulation for each joint.. cool jua tu kan...
stay tune for more review and more picture of this Mark IV in my next post..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this is the continuation from my previous post.. I've purchase online for the replacement decal and I get the parcel after 2 weeks later.. laju hantap nyamu!!
95% accurately to the factory decal.. cost me around for only B$14.00 including shipment.. to compare between the factory decal with this one .. I can say this new replacement decal is more better as they have the realistic 3d feel..
I give you the naked Thunderhawk.. 18SX only hehe.. now it time to pimp her out!!
Matt Trackker the M.A.S.K team leader.. be spec tia helmetnya as they have include a decal for Matt's Trakker famous mask!!. cool huh!!
after 15 minutes later.. all decal is placed to it own original place.. if u really want to makeover your own Thunderhawk like a brand new.. I suggest u must pick up this amazing sticker sheet because believe me they look damn sharp and very eye catching.
Here is the website where you can get your Thunderhawk sticker sheet..


hello guys.. I believe some of you who born in 80's are familiar with this car.. yup this is Thunder hawk build by Matt Trakker the leader team from the 80's cartoon series M.A.S.K..
luckily.. I was offered by one local collector who's still manage to keep this collection for almost 30 years..and the best this .. murah lagi tu jual nya... hehe
and that's what i call history...betaun tu abuknya..
and i believe iatah first time nya kali kana buka ni..
here.. cleaning up in progress...
better then before..
one thing that bother me with this car is all the original decal has been replace by the first owner with black colored sticker ...
and guess what.. I found a website selling for the decal replacement.. to be continued..

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yeah... finally I'm back for blogging... as a starter I'm going to share one of my HotWheels project which I've made specially for BRUNEI'S HOTWHEELS CLUB fanpage and all brunei hotwheels lover out there..
check out the Fanpage here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bruneis-HotWheels-Club/182399138457113 and feel free to join..
I pick this 1/64 DD (dairy delivery) for my first custom as this model is kinda a limited and rare model to get.. I only manage to collect 2 sets for my own collection..
with the help of Tamiya putty .. I successfully made the wide fender to overside the kit and made a change to the look of this DD..
done with sanding and body paint..
memasang decal.. I successfully made the design of the decal on Photoshop.. the hardest part is to measure the design and fit accurately to the body..
my first custom decal!! what do u think.. cawirrr kali ah hehe..
here are some of my first custom project which i did specially for the Brunei's Hotwheels Club.. I also made a custom box for the car it self.. and made the printing on a hard card paper..
and here are some of my latest creation.. so please stay tune ...