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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Time for Hotwheels... Yup.. RACE WORLD EARTH..
STOCKER.. ngam tah dengan colornya ni...
for the first time ever.. every parts are made with transparent color..
here have closer look...love the tyre so much
Stay Tune MORE TO COME!!


Hello Everyone .. I know It has been nearly a month, I didn't made any post or replying ur comment on my blog here.. I'm having a big project on designing with one of my client from singapore... alhamdulilah selasai sudah semalam.. well now I'm back again and I would like to start posting with selling off this collection here..
I was helping some friend to order this stuff ..but ended with same old story... inda kana ambil choi... look at the date 14/1/2010.. how long do i need to wait for him to take his order here and pay my money back...
as I know this is from Starwars collection.. but im not sure apa namanya...
so if u guys looking for this stuff and hunting for it.. here ur chance to get it.. I'm selling it for B$15.00 (janji balik model ku)