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Friday, February 11, 2011


Good afternoon people.. As I've promise you.. today I'm going to continue my review on this figurine.. The Hottoys Warmachine from the Ironman 2 latest movie. ok first.. lets start with the accessories and parts.
this are some of the extra interchangable palms given by Hottoys for this figure.. not like the common palms given.. this one was given extra treatment by hottoys where every single parts of the fingers are articulated..
And the manual instruction for assembling and snapping all the accessories which given with this figure.
the main tools for everything.. macam pengayuh kapal saja usulyna..
ok lets pimp him out..
Done in less then an hour .. and now checking up all the light on his palms, chest and both eyes.. all perfectly function.
I guess that all for today..ok stay tune for final parts .. hope u enjoy and hve a nice day people!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hi everyone thanks for ur continues support on my blog here..I know it ben a while that i 've not making any new post or updating my blog here... anyway tonight I got free time to start and push my self to do and made this review again.. so please do enjoy as much as u can..
HOTTOYS WARMACHINE form The IRONMAN 2.. I've receive this item last december (if i'm not mistaken jua tu ah) and I've been waiting for about 5-6 months from the date that I've made the per-order..
These are some picture of the box that I've manage to snap, as usual the packaging is divided into two parts.. the internal box and external covers(sarung)
some more details picture of the box..
ok lets gives him some fresh air...
and my first impression ... Woooww!!!! perfect and I love the smell..
look carefully.. hottoys have done perfectly on every inch on this figure.. the detail is awesome..
Ok end of part.01 stay tune for second review on the figure.. thanks for viewing