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Monday, December 27, 2010


Just another quick review for today. During my trip to KL I've bought 2 units of 1/24 scale car model, which is one from Honda and the other is from Toyota.. now let's do the first review..
One of most popular 90's sport car. HONDA PRELUDE tune by JUN auto mechanic.
checking up all parts.. I will made another review when I've done finish the assembling.
also include with this model 18" advance rim.. one of my favorite..
Where to buy: KL , RM119

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ok now the final part of my review on this Zombie Killer - Alice.
Milla Jovovich as Alice with all her accessories and weapon.
detail of the outfit..
The Shotgun and her two KUKRI knives. The Kukri is a curved Nepalese knife use as both tool and weapon.
she's now displayed together with the Resident Evil : Extension movie poster which I get it free from the "FIRST" magazine.
Where to buy: Robotnation , B$190.00


Hello everyone. this is Brother Production 1/6 scale Zombie Killer " Alice"supposedly limited worldwide release of 300 pieces. (the production was stopped immediately because of license issue)
ok here the box packaging look like.. nothing special all I can say - Simple, easy and less attractive.. inda macam hottoys buii
back of the box packaging..
there we go.. look at the figure, she's come with female body over 35 moving joints, head sculpture of Milla Jovovich as Alice from Resident Evil : Extension
I bought this figure because I really dig the outfit and all the accessories given. sexy lagi tu nampak.....
ok here are all the weapons and some extra body parts given ..
Stay tune for full review.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As I've promise tonight I'm going to post the final part of the Hotwheels project. after spending more then 5 hours. I finally finish customize my Nissan GTR R34.
At the beginning, I'm facing few problem on how to apply the decal.. very tricky as we need to apply a clear coat on the decal.. leave it dry for few minutes den manually cutting tru the decal and socking with water for few second.. den baru dapat apply arah body keta anii..
luckily I got gundam marker to do the detail lining .. and adding on the exhaust pipes
side view... can u see the driver. siapa2 ada jual gundam figure size 1/60 let me know...
another side view.. overall I'm very stratified with my work here.. and I did learn new thing from this project.
now back to the box.. next project will be my Mitsubishi Evolution X..
thanks for viewing btw..


Hi guys this is the second part of my recent Hotwheels project, R34 Nissan GTR.. ok keep on scrolling..
here as u can see the original interior of the car.. hital lagam semua..
and this is my makeover on the interior.. by adding some figure(taken from 1/60 gundam pilot) colored recaro seat.. and Nos tube( nos kah tu usulnya)
ok as u can see , I've replace the stock wheels with this nice 19" black wheels taken from the transformers car's.
get this decal from a friend.. custom made for hotwheels.. and the result taddaaaaaaa..
stay tune for final part.. will post it tonight


hi everyone.. today I'm going to post my recent project on my 1/64 scale Hotwheels . NISSAN GTR R34 and MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X.. and first you going to see my work on the Nissan GTR34.
Out of the cage.. carefully I'm cutting off the card to take the car out..kan dipakai balik ni kutaknya ah..
here I'm socking the R34 body with thinner for removing the original silver paint.
after more then 2 hours.. the silver paint started to pell off from the body
This is part of the project.. yupp.. I need their help.. to Transformers fan out there.. I'm really sorry, they don't deserve to roll with this nice set of wheels..
to be continued in part.2

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi guys.. this is my latest t-shirt collection which I've bought from KL few weeks ago.. I only manage to bought one as the price is more expensive comparing to ebay.. so I just get one for my own collection or I an say for my own christmas gift..
yup it's green.. there got alot of choses design and color to pick.. but I prefer with this simple green color with silver emblem as it look more natural and comfort.. (tiakarang pasal itah paling murah ni hehe)
some more printed design at the back of the shirt..
so lucky.. they giving out this calendar as christmas gift for their first 20 costumers who made a purchase on that day..
2011 calendar.. sweetttttt.... bila raya ah...
Where to buy: KL Pavilion , RM129.00

Friday, December 17, 2010


Recently I went to KL for my end year vacation trip.. at beginning I was planning to have a normal shopping kan bali baju, bali kasut, bali jam and guess what.. I just can't stop buying them.. tapi kurang jua dari taun2 sudah..
few hotwheels for collection.. I finally get the black GTR R35 & some 2011 model with new carded design..
6" Ironman2 figurine.. I"ll do more review on them soon..
My wife manage to take this picture with out my knowledge.. she's lucky as this shop is not allowed their customer to snap any picture from their shop. kana tagur ku kali ah bawa my DSLR masuk kadai..
bought this two with cheaper price.. will reveal the price on my review soon..
stay tune for my review on each of my new haul soon

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Good morning people.. Here I've the first issue or volume .01 of the Superhero Collection Magazine which I've bought few weeks ago. check it out!!
This issue it cover another one of my favorite superhero character.. the Dark Night aka BATMAN.
As usual this informational magazine will cover the whole story and history of the selected character.
and the coolest part .. they include more information on batman's gadget and weapon..
some selected pages with more info of Batman.
And paling siuk lagi.. Every purchase of this magazine will include a small hand painted lead figures of the selected character. bah lets take him out..
Where to buy: Best Eastern, B$15.35