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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok guys.. this is the final part of my 1/6 scale MICHAEL JACKSON Bad Version DX3..
as I mention on my earlier post.. with no twists wire attach we can easily remove everything and put it all back together just in few minutes.. but to be careful when you handling with those small multiple belts or a tone of his hooks, buckles, zippers and other extras that attach on his vest..sanang lakap usulnya..
One of the coolest parts on this figure is the stand base. The standing base equipped with two led light at both of front conner. We just need an AAA batterie to powered them up.
with the manual instruction given.. and adjustable stand given the figure can stand perfectly without any problem.. the base a quite big enough to do a greater range of movement and pose.
ok now it's time to get rest.. I've made a glass box just to cover up this figure from any dust or smoke.. nada tamapat lagi kan menaruh!! ok guys i guess that all for today.. I see u soon on my next post.. thanks
Where to buy: GoFigure, B$330.00

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi guys.. before I proceed with my review on the MICHAEL JACKSON bad version. I would like to post my latest T-hunts collection, believe me this are my one day hunting..
there.... I got 6 pieces of hotwheels Treasure hunt. 5 pieces with T-Hunt and a super T-hunts, one of my very lucky day..
oh ya , I forgot to mention this is 2010 T-hunt series, GANGSTER GRIN 6/10.
and to lucky I got one super t-hunt with Error.. get closer to the screen and check it out ..
can u spot the mistake?.. look carefully on the blue flame.. salah tampat kali ahhhh!! (paint error)
I guess I'll need a new bigger shelves..

Friday, October 22, 2010

DX3MICHAEL JACKSON the bad version PART.01

Good Morning everyone.. today as I promise, I'm going to post my first DX hottoys version, DX3 MICHAEL JACKSON the bad version.. This isn't the first time they (hottoys) had tackeled the King of pop. A thriller version and a billie jean version are the first two earlier product they have ever made.. however, this deluxe version (DX version) appear to be extremely popular as almost the per order a selling out while the thriller version is still available for order.Ok enjoy part one review..
Here the actual packaging of the DX3, as the brown box is only a protective box to seal this nice DX3 box. As we know Hottoys always done a nice job with their packaging, and for this DX figure it get an extra special treatment.. keep on scrolling
back view of the DX3 box. Below pic.. as I open up the box we will see a top layer with a free prop 45 single complete with the bad logo. inda ku tau dapat main kah inda jua
this is the final foam layer which complete with accessories which include extra hand and a set of white vest and shirt.. and not to forget a stand base.
well this is how the figure is cradle.. everything here is completely collector friendly, with no twists wire or tape, you easily can remove everything and put it all back together. sanang hantap nyamu..r
well that's all for now.. hope to see u guys again soon in part 2 my review of this figure.. thanks for viewing and hope u enjoy..

Monday, October 18, 2010


As u can see and read the title of my post here.. this is a 7" figurine of charlie from the CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY..
The story features the adventures of a young Charlie Bucket with a group of kids inside the chocolate factory own by WIlly
One of the colorful plant growing inside the chocolate factory
Charlie Bucket one of the main cast in the movie.. Living as a poor boy who won 1 of five golden tickets and get a full tour of the chocolate factory as well as a lifetime supply of chocolate , while one ticket holder will be given a special price at the end of the tour..
some more others characters available to collect..
Where to buy: Ebay, B$32.00 plus shipping

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday I went to The Best Eastern book store at the Time Square Mall, and found this nice and interesting magazine.. DC COMIC SUPERHERO vol.2, which highlight one of the most popular superhero all time.. SUPERMAN..
basically I can say this magazine is kind like a wikipedia.. It all telling us completely the basic info of the character, with some history of the writer and character it self.
some selected pages of the magazine.. with more information, illustration and colorful pages it worth the money. Inda rugi membali
Selected villain are also include inside the magazine as some of them a the most strongest an unstoppable villain for superman.
back cover of the magazine.. THE JOKER volume.3
Also include with the magazine a small PVC figurine of the highlight Character.. lets take him out of the box.
totally detail and very high quality painted ( hand painted)
1 down 9 to go... hehe alummmmmm...
Where to buy: Best Eastern, B$15.35

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Few weeks ago.. while I was hunting for new Hotwheels.. I accidentally found another error type Hotwheels.. check it out..
Can u spot the error!! ok I don't want to waste more time.. keep on scrolling..
can u see the words of "EARTH" next to the "RACE WORLD".. the words "EARTH" should be "BATTLE"..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello every one.. this is my 1/6 scale true type body from Hottoys .. check it out!!
TRUETYPE 38 Figure advance.. African American (some believes this is the President Obama head sculpture) have a closer look..
I can say 85% identical to the real Obama.. and so far as i know this hotttoys product are the only Obama's figure that can match his figure..
Ani kurus saja dikit.. heheh
Just receive this suit few week ago from Hong Kong. Bought it from ebay for just B$12.00 including postage.
I guess the suit is to big for him...But ok lah.. better then nothing kan...
Can u guess who's hiding behind him.. he will be our next guest..
ok guys.. that all for to today thanks for viewing and I'll see u again on the my next post...