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Sunday, January 24, 2010


hi guys.. as I promise this is the second part of my Hottoys Mrcus Wright review.Check it out..
As you know this movie masterpiece series a given with two interchangeable Marcus head two & two set of Jackets and hands. With this...you can come up with an alternate outfit which allow you to display both version at the same time.. Just like mine.. dua2 kali ah bedisplay :P
As I mention before, Hottoys did a great job in the making of this masterpiece.. macam banar kali ah.
Look him closer.. hidungnya & telinganya lain kali ah...ahh whateva....
To me in the Terminator Salvation , he was more of an interesting character than David John ehh John Connor. Kesian kali ah mati tuk selamatkan hero..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello guys.. yup I'm back... sorry for the lake update.. I'm so busy with my office work this lately, I'm working on banner design for our coming RTB EXPO held in the ICC Berakas, starting by this coming wednesday, 27th January 2010.. ok enough with work stuff.. ngalih dah ku kan krajaa ani saja..lets start with my post here.. Here I just wanna share with all of you the only TEKKEN collection that I got.
I bought this set few years ago when I was on vacation with my X-fiance (masa ani jadi my wife).. cost me RM$60.00 for the whole set.
the most favorite character among all.. JIN KAZAMA
RAVEN & HEIHACHI (lurus kah namanya ni)
ok tani sabung dorang..
nicely painted and very detail..
btw guess what.. I just found her hiding inside the cabiet where i keep them all.. cemana ku bleh inda teliat ani kan... can u guess siapa kan ia ani...
Now watch the new trailer of the new movie of "TEKKEN THE KING OF IRON FIRST TOURNAMENT "

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my Terminator Salvation Movie Masterpiece collection,Bought it same day with My John Connor few weeks ago..OK jangan buang masa.. Lets do the review..

Same as the JOHN CONNOR'S packaging..the box are made from dark grey Styrofoam trays which have a unique embossed design.macam ala-ala Industrial look lah... Inda cukup atu the Styofoam again covered with grapic of the product images which printed on a cardboard sleeve and slides over the Styrofoam.

anilah grapic of the product images yang kumaksudkan..

This collectible figure stands 30 cm tall with over 36 points of articulation. The figure comes along with alot of accessories, Weapons and 2 sets of interchangeable posing hands and one Marcus's sculpt head.

ok.. upacara pacah dara...

as u can see here.. the 2 sets of interchangeable posing hands & shootgun

lets take him out...

Marcus Wright's with battle-damaged head,as always, amazing details from Hottoys,

Hottoya has done incredible job in producing the head sculpt of the actor on both head. The endoskeleton head details on Marcus' battle-damaged head are truly amazing..Knapa selalunya Sebalah muka saja yang rusak...Cubatah Idungnya kah yang sumpak.. gerenti laku lagi hehe

Marcus' left arm is composed of an endoskeletal arm, covered with a rubberized material as his
skin. Barikan mengigit...

wearing his black leather jacket with rank on left sleeve and interesting yellow stripes at the cuffs

This figure has done a lot of paint details & effect. Simply the high-quality paint work on this figure is a true work of art. Iatah misti tedapat Airbrush ni...practice make perfect

Stand given ..Stay Tune for part two review.. tunah c marcus satu atu lagi ah..



Alright!! This is another package that I receive yesterday Morning.. they suppose to be posted last night.. but due to connection failure..tepaksa tungu hari ani.. ok dnt waste more time , check it out.
This is my order from the Singapore Ebay. So lucky to get this package on the same day from two difference seller.. laju lagi tu.. It took less then a week to arrive...
Ok let see the small package dulu.. I get my self a complete replacement housing for my old Nintendo DS, cost me for only SG$16.00
now the second package.. quite big..dnt worry K.. bukan Hottoys ni heheh
this package is from Hongkong, I have been looking for this model for quite long.. Bought it by bidding.. walaupun bidding tapi mahal jua.. cost me SG$68.00
Honda Civic SIR, my next coming up project..kan ku tune ni..I'll made another full cover on the production of this car soon..
Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for my Hottoys review after this...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hello guys.. Just wanna share with u what have I bought few days ago.. Have a closer look...yup.. that's right... I got my self a T-shirt.. yup.. a T-shirt

This is not an ordinary T-shirt that u can simply get in any shop..Look at the price tag..B$35.20 from the Best Eastern.. Keep on scrolling for more detail..

yup.. it's from Marvel.. X-MAN kali ah.. I guess this is the best T-Shirt I ever had!!! printed with my most favorite Superhero.. X-MAN CLASSIC.
Inda ku ta bila ku kan memakai baju ani.. hehe

WHERE TO BUY: Best Eastern COST PRICE: B$35.20

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First of all .. I would like to say Thanks to My friend R & K for helping me looking for this baby.. thanks man.nanti ku lanja Roti Talur.. hehe..

The first time I saw this Chucky, I was in Chong Hock.. Inda ku kana ampiti lagi.. all were book before they had been display.. I'm so upset when they told me that they can't get this stuff any more.

Ok guys.. I represent to you my new member..The BAD GUY "CHUCKY " from Bride of Chucky. Yup another one of my wish list..

Some description at the back of the box.. there are three characters available for collection.. There are 2 types of Chucky. The normal Chucky (without any scars) and the other one is Chucky with his scars.

ok now lets do the review, I got this type of chucky.. Argghh.. look really freaky right.. Mostly this type is very hard to get coz mostly Chucky's fans are more interested to this type rather than the normal one. This type looks like limited edition. Yeah, I know! hehe.. I'm so lucky to have him.

The stand are included in this package. It is made from metal base covered with soft rubber mat and printed with text... liat ja gambar tu..

ok guys, now you can enjoy the rest of the pictures. Enjoy sight-seeing! hehe..

more scar & detail on the shirt & body..

kuyak bro.. kana rogol...

WHERE TO BUY: Online Order COST PRICE: B$80.00 Christmas special price


OK before I proceed with the Continuation of my early morning post..Check post bawah
tani bagi iklan masuk dulu..
As you can read what the title said.. They are Transformers Fast Action Battlers.. One of the Hasbro collectible transformer available for young kids.. Easy transformation.. which took only few moves to transform jadi kereta ke robotkah.. dari robot ke keta kah.. sama saja..

I bought this two characters coz they are very cute to me ani.. cumilll...MUDLAP & SKIDS

Back view of the packaging...

wonder why they got difference packaging .. are they fake???can anyone xplain...

WHERE TO BUY: Chong Hock COST PRICE: B$19.90 each