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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello guys.. I'm totally not in the mood to update this blog as there are no new collection for this month.. Im still waiting for my order to come.. will do some review about it once they have landed in my room.. hehe harap2 minggu ani sampai...
ok here is my latest project of assembling model car.. as usual before start I use to do the checking up all parts.. just to make sure semua ada..
I start planning to build it last sunday.. but due to the bad weather & windy condition.. I've to postponed my project.. Anyw just enjoy the picture below..
I picking up this 19" rims to fit on the EVO.. for sure misti makin ganas ni.. hehe
Ready for paint job.. will do it tomorrow morning kalau inda Hujan or cloudy jua tu..
ok another shoot of the 19" replacement rim with Evo 9 stock rims

Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello guys.. tonight I'm going to made a quick post on my old transformers collection. I have no idea siapa namanya & which transformers series it come from..
It required this special key to unlock the transformation mode
ok lets do the transformation...
old-fashioned...It look weird & solid.. I'm rather the latest Transformers series which more Interesting.. Stay tune for part 2 of my Transformers collection..
Where to buy: KK TOYS RM69.90

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I receive this parcel this morning & I've been waiting this stuff for more then 3 weeks.. Ok check it out...
It's a Dragonball's T-shirt.. I won bidding from the ebay.. cost me USD0.99 .. tapi yang mahalnya shipping .. which cost me for B$15.00..
The printing & material use are perfect.. But I got only one problem ....
It's M size... bila ku cuba uhuuuu.. keluar Muscle sebiji...
Where to buy: Online Order EBAY B$15.00 + Sipping

Monday, March 15, 2010


From the first time I saw the prototype model made by Bandai, I've planning to get this Goku for my own collection.. & I guess this is where it all start..
S.H Figuarts..Dragonball GOKU.. they got one more character which available for sell by now.. I'll made my decision by end of this month.. kalau nada kadai dapat supply.. I'll go for HLJ
ok lets take him out.. lets see how good this thing are...
he's about 6" high with 23 articulated point or joint which allow u to made alot of pose & action..ok let try it!!
eh tungu lu.. they also giving an extra optional parts.. n manual jua which written in japanese.. siapa pandai??
kame hame ha.......
and my favorite pose..for sure I'll continue buying the whole SH Fiugarts Drangonball's characters that available to complete my collection...
can u spot him.. haha cari-cari..
Where to buy: Chong Hock B$59.90

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hotwheels Lagi... Hi guys today is my very lucky day.. I got 3 new Hotwheels T-Hunt added in my collection.. check it out..
Back view... Some description of the model..
Where to buy: 1set Atirah & the other Two Kadai LINGKA B$4.90 each


It Hotwheels Time...I got this Hotwheels 2010 GTR last february.. nothing special about it..I bought it to compare with my 2007 GTR collection..
Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, 2010 collection..
2009 Nissan GT-R
Now lets compare on this two GTR model...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok guys..I just wanna made a quick update here... Another set of my Mightymuggs's collections
Back view of the packaging
Qui-Gon Jin.. more characters available to collect...
out of the box..
Believed it.. They are made from recycled material..
Where to buy: Toy Ur's, Miri RM30.00

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I guess this year I've move to a new level.. as I've made my first order thru Hobby Search.. ok don't waste more time...check it out!!
the invoice.. I prefer HLJ as they a more effusion in dealing with their customer and proper in packaging..
It's not Gundam!!!! Model kereta bah....& few sets of optional cools rims
nah liat tah puas2... 3 Sets of model cars & 5 sets of optional rims & tyre
haha Lancer EVOLUTION 9.. I've been looking for this model for almost 2 years.. Once I finish working on this model.. I'll made another post of my MITSUBISHI EVOLUTION FAMILY CARS..
I bought this Lexus IS300 for the second time..This is going to be my next biggest project.. by now I'm still waiting for some item to arrive.. will made a special post of it once it landed in front of my Workshop hehe..
Honda Integra Type R..

Monday, March 8, 2010


Tonight.. I'm going to share with u guys one of the cool stuff, which has been in my room for almost 3 months.. The Force Unleashed Lightsaber from starwars..
Color Changeable Blade.. one of two factor of why did I bought this cool stuff..and the other factor pasal murah harganya..
ok this is how it look like.. I have no idea siapa punya Lightsiber ni...
Interesting.. The Blade are changeable from green to red buy pressing on one button
ok lets try how it works...
Where to buy: Chong Hoockr B$29.90