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Friday, September 24, 2010


This is the last review on my latest Gundam collection which I've bought few weeks ago The Complete transformation of OO RISER.. enjoy
Complete O Riser.. it is a mobile weapons platform specifically design to combine with OO Gundam and form the OO Riser
The OO RISER... ready to blast ur head..
another closer view..
Where to buy: Kawanria, B$130.00

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello guys.. I believe some of u have been waiting for my post here.. as u know we all the muslim are still busy celebrating the Raya festival this month.. so here the continuation from my previous post.
As usual checking up all the parts with the manual given... Misti bin wajib ni
Setting up all the parts for easy working space.. bleh mengusut jua ni mengambil2 parts ah..
few minutes after.. one of my favorite parts.. siuk nyamu masang kepala ani!!
and few hours after that.. I manage to complete all parts except for the decal and the OO riser .. this is a very simple kit as it doesn't have any internal frame
I guess that all for today.. I'll made my final review on this kit soon.. so stay tune and hope u will enjoy my review here.. and thanks for viewing .

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Few weeks ago, while I was going for shopping Raya with my wife.. I bought my self a 1/100 OO raiser from one local Gundam supplier at the mall, Gadong KAWANRIA.. have a look and please enjoy..
This is how the packaging look like.. The front box is fully covered with an illustration of the character itself. Siapa lagi exia lah..
this are some tools and Gundam's marker which I've bought on the next day.. pakai battery kali ah..
this is where it all begin... stay tune for second part..

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello everyone.. first of all I would like to take this opportunity to greets all the muslims for the Hari Raya celebration which falls today.. Have blessed Eidulfitri and enjoy the moment..
Today I would like to post one of my greatest hotwheels collection, which I had been keep for a very long time.. this is my 16 years old limited edition Hotwheels flintmobile collection.
Color changing Flintmobile.. read the description.. congratulation! You now own an exclusive Flintmobile ..
another different view below an Illustration of the flintmobile

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi again.. tonight I'll review will be on my Ironman 2 "WARMACHINE) 3inch collection.. enjoy the review
This' s my 3 inch WARMACHINE movie series, bought it few months ago from Gofigure store
there are three types of this character available to collect.
another closer shoot for clear view..
Where to buy: Gofigure, B$28.90

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello guys.. just wanna do a quick review on my new superheroes t-shirt collection. Have a closer look and hope u can enjoy the review here..
a Marvel comic superhero, IRONMAN. one of my favorite superheroes character.
An old classic Ironman.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This is the continuation of my previous post PG MK-II .. well most of you can identify this is a fake PG GUNDAM.. as u can see from the first picture here this is a TT brand Gundam.. I bought from Little M with special discounted price.. B$70.00
ok here we go.. I manage to complete this PG Gundam within 3 day.. spending more then 6-7 hours time per day..
I can say this TT brand Gundam are the most closer imitation Gundam ever made.. to those who are planning to get on the original Bandai PG Gundam, I recommend you to try on this kit..
And I'm believe if u are good with airbrushing. u can made this fake gundam look as good as the original Bandai gundam.. I guess that's all for today, I'll see you sooner in my next post.