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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PG MK-II Part 1

Recently I manage to finis up my latest Gundam collection.. This is the Perfect grade FIGHTER MK-II.. can u guess are this Original Bandai product or chinese fake quality made Gundam.
as usual.. checking up all the parts before start.. mau gila dibuatnya..
I have to made my own label for each frame.. by doing this I save my time to find and indicate the frame needed..
after 10 hours spending my time on this kit..I only manage to finish up to this part.. will made another review (Part 2) tomorrow. so stay tune and please enjoy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello and good morning everyone.. This are my new hotwheels Ghostbusters collection. ECTO-1
front view of the packaging.. they are very limited and hard to find.
some description at the back of the package..
Where to buy: Atirah Plaza, B$4.90 each

Friday, August 27, 2010


Tonight review will be on my 1/6 katana series.. here the front packaging of the Katana
I'll do more review on the others katana soon.. slowly ah..
ok this is how they arrange the katana.. very unique & look exclusive to me.. given together with the stand and name tag of the katanas.
the blade are made from real stainless steel and very sharp .. macam banar

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello guys... tonight post will be on my new t-shirt which is given to me form one of office mate few weeks ago.. JOKER my no one favorite villain characters.
Batman official Logo tag oroginal kali ah..this is my second t-shirt with Joker's illustration printed with high quality printing and fabric.
some more detail on the t-shirt

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello everyone.. today I'm going to share with u one of my latest haul that I bought from one of our local toys supplier. GOFIGURE .. as we know they doing some clearance before closing down their store by the end of this month.. so I guess this is the last haul that I manage to buy from them..
Ok I'm sure u can easily identify this thing.. but for those who don't.. iatahnamanya USB flash drive aka pendrive ni.. USB 2.0 flash Memory drive with 4GB size capacity which include Wallpapers , Icons, Sound Bytes & more digital extras for our enjoyment..
some more starwars characters available for collection .. tapinya inda lagi ada abis katanya
to those who interested to get this flash drive there are few set left with some more character available to pick.. tapiny iatah ganya yg lawa ni 3-CPO ani..
Where to buy: Gofigure B$60.00

Sunday, August 22, 2010


As u can read the title of my post here.. I'm about to get this new collectable figure from hottoys and looking for the best deal for this figure here.. HOTTOYS DX4 (BRUCE LEE) so to all toys supplier locally & internationally who can read on my post here ..please...please... please send me ur offer through my email tagashiegd@gmail.com or through my chatbox at the top left side of my blog here..


just another quick review on my Hotwheels Nissan 370Z .. enjoy
back packaging
Where to buy: Atirahn B$3.90


Good morning ladies and gentlemen.. here are some more late review that I should made earlier before.. MR.BEAN 1/6 scale figure from Enterbay..
I like the head sculpture as it look very realistic as Rowan Atkinson in the Mr. Bean Series..As u can see from my previous review the figure comes with nice packaging box with pleasant graphic of the figure it self..
back view of the figure.. with supported stand the figure can do a lot of posing
There's not really that much we can give Mr. Bean, but with few items you associate with him are here such as h four extra posing hands , a luggage bag and a soft made teddy bear
a picture with closer view of the outfit.. highly detail and made with nice quality material
Where to buy: Robotnation B$190.00

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi guys.. I know that I should made this post earlier before.. but due to my own personal excuse I have to keep him for awhile before I can made the review on him.
back view of the packaging..with more instruction and description of the figure.
more stuff of ironman collectable can be review on their website.. visit www.hasbro.com/ironman for more..
as usual I'm not going to open up the figure from the box..
Where to buy: TOY R'US. MIRI, B$45.00


hi baby.. buat apa masa ani.. hope baby sihatlah. I just wanna say sorry.. very very sorry.. banar.. banar.. ni..banar.. banar ni minta maaf...BANAR.. BANAR..
wakakakakakak.. hello guys..I'm sure most of hve been watching video "A tribute to zek - minta maaf (my apology)" on the youtube.. sempena video atu jua I would like to say sory banar.. banar..BANAR..BANAR.. for leaving my blog again .. and again.. with out no update.. and for started I would like begain my post with video c zek ani lagi..just to refresh & remind u guys that no body is perfect.. so enjoy