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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good evening, ladies & gentlemen..Tonight I will post my favorite collection.. the Dragonball Pvc series.. I bought this set few month ago from Chong Hock

Here is the back packaging of the box printed with variety pose & view of the set itself..

Ok, now lets take them out from the box... for sure, ngalih sudah dorang terkurung dalam kutaknya ani..

From, this picture, what can I say is it's one of the very good quality product and I recommend to those who are interested in collecting PVC series to get this set as they are very limited in stock and u can get it with discounted price from Chong Hock.

Now make ur wish... I wish to get my Hot toys Resident Evil now!
WHERE TO BUY: Chong Hock COST PRICE: B$16.00 after discount.


I'm so lucky yesterday, when I found a lot..and a lot of Hotwheels T-hunt displayed for sell.. I guess this is an opportunity that not always come.. aku apa lagi ... grab lah semua haha..

So now for those who looking for this 2009 T-hunt Hotwheels here ur oppurtinuty to get for ur own collection..

Here the picture of the car it self... 55 CHEVY : 2 box T-hunts & 4 Box T-Hunt

remember T-HUNTS ( Rubber Tyre" very limited") & T-HUNT (Ordinary T-hunt)
Selling Price: T-HUNTS B$20.00 / T-HUNT B$10.00

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Joker 2: Everyone On The Floor.. Ani Satu Rompakan Ni... Angkat Tangan...
Joker1: Aku Jua kah Bossss...

Time to workkkkk...

coverall curik jua ni...

Rooolout!!!....Double-team up Robbery!!!

haha jadi Transformer ni...

Joker1: hey boss What the F**k r u doing?!!!
Joker2: Relek... saja aku ani senbanarnya spy ni... Rooolout....

Joker2: bah Balik...
WHERE TO BUY & COST PRICE: Check out my previous post

Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm quite sure alot of u guys familiar with two of this character.. well... I did made a review before on one of this character... ok don't waste more time.. check it out..

Side view of each box..gila rugged tangan kua tu macam kulit baby hehehe...

out of the box.. see more extra parts and accessories given.. ok now Diorama time..

Payback time... mana tia ctam.. ani

zoommmm... terabang macam superman

apa baik ni ah.. ku payuk or ku Jubur lu ni...

mana ko taruh ampau ku .....
WHERE TO BUY: Online Shopping EBAY COST PRICE: B$15.00 Plus Shipping


Good morning everyone.. today I'm going to post my latest Resident Evil 7" collection.. scroll down to review.

He's the Executioner Majini.. the evil main character for Resident Evil 5.. I guess heheh

here the back packaging.. shows the three main character available for collection..

some more detail on the packaging..

closer look of the figure it self.. if u see carefully they also made some information detail for each characters on top of the box.

The Complete Three.. Sheva Alomar, Executioner Majini & Chris Redfield


Friday, September 25, 2009


As I promise tonight, I'm going to post my fake Perfect Grade which I manage to finish it during the Fasting month. All I can say.. NO TO FAKE GUNDAM..

this is how it look like now.. I manage to assemble the whole part but it only can stand for a while.. no posing can be done... Nothing

I drop the leg once before and now I'm lazy to fix it.. so now i leave it just like that..

this is how the head look like .. click on the picture to have a closer view..

anyw I oso got surprise for him.. due to the Raya celebration I'm going to give him one of my Badil hahah..

Crazy Bang.. what do u think.. Should I do it or not..lets see first if my wife say YES .. i will made another post for it.. btw that is not my hand holding on the Lighter.. Balum ku gila me Manicure kuku ku yang rugged ani..



Today..I was surprised with a gift from a friend of mine.. well he is a friend of my wife actually.. Since I'm kind of a very handsome and nice to everyone, he manage to buy this toys when he was in uk for studying.. Thanks for the gift man! I really appreciate it. Hehe.. Ok now lets do the review..

This is Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Vol. 2 which includes three of the main characters Cloud, Sephiroth and Halloween Town Sora. Shown at the back of the boxes.

ok he is Sephiroth..he's comes with extra hand so that he can hold the sword given which also comes with the figure.

One things I noticed with Sephiroth, besides the awesome sculpting of his clothing he also have the great detail on the wing which completely looks cool & rocks

Frontal & Back view totally Amazing & Painted with very highly detail. cool...

ok here is my most favorite part of the Sephiroth figure, His wing are painted with the great detail. The shading..articulation .. totally amazing..

from my review Sephiroth size is almost a giant and measures in at almost 9 inches tall! tambah 3" bulih jadi hot toys ni hehe.

WHERE TO BUY: A gift from a friend COST PRICE: ???
Note: if u guys interested to get one of this characters.. You absolutely can get it either from CH or VV Kimas.. which selling around B$49.90 - B$55.90 depends on the characters. ok gudluck


Hi people.. good morning.. haha I just came back from visiting my relatives.. my tummy are totally full with kacang & carbonated drink.. haha ok don't waste more time.. ok here are the package that I receive on the 16 september 2009.

I have been waiting for this stuff for more then 2 month.. And i did made a complain tru ebay & Paypal regading the un received item from the seller.. amazinglly 1 day before they made the redimention of the payment I receive an phone call from the MPC.. unbeleavable...

TOYMASTER.. they aslo include the invoice payment & item details.. Perfectly organized.

ok, this is what i got.. complete with the suit for 12" figure
Brown Suit, 2 Button Single Breast Jacket, Slacks, Black Shirt, Black Bow Tie, Vest, Brown Belt, Black Sock and Black High glossy Leather Shoes. Cool!
guess whose's that... he's the lucky man.

naked time.. Oppss.. patut nya besensor ni. wah untung lah c haruhi...

WHERE TO BUY: Online Shopping EBAY COST PRICE: B$78.00