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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello everyone... here I'm back with my promise to review on my Hottoys collections.. anyway tonight I'm going to review my Hottoys Resident Evil - Sheva Alomar (Sheva binti Omar kali ah). I've already cover Chris Redfield few month ago, and now it's the turn of his new partner who assigned to guide Chris around the africa territory.
here the packaging.. this boxes follow the same basic packaging layout as the Chris Redfield .. which mean dark box with images of the character taken from the game on the front and for the back packaging has photo of the figure with brief bio.. liat ja gambar atas ani...
inside of the packaging.. images of ruined village as the background with alot of accessories & weapons given holding at the left side of the packaging.
now it time to wake up babe.. are you ready??
oh ya.. I almost forgot to mention here... my new hottoys here is a secondhand item which I've bought from some one who need money that time.. you will never believe me how much did I pay for this thing... I'll let u know later..
accessories & weapons given.. the hardest part for me is to keep all this thing fix on the figure..
as u can see here she comes with
Knife (Gurkha style)
Handgun / M92F / Machine-Gun / VZ61 / Machine-Gun / AK-74 (same as with Chris) / Shotgun / Ithaca M37 (same as with Chris) / Shotgun / M3/ Riffle / H&K PSG-1
Magnum / S&W M29/ Hand Grenade
Ammo Pack / Handgun/ Ammo Pack / Machine-Gun/ Headset
Radio/Jewellery/Five interchangeable posing hands with gloves + spare wrist pegs/ 12-inch figure stand
ku ambil dari hottoys.com ni heheh
the 12" figure stand with RE5 logo & sheva alomar name printed on it
she wears a pair of real 'Pleather" boots, a soft leather like fabric
a nice view for you guys.. hope it can refresh ur eyes... kan tumpah lagi inda
loves her tattoo.. apakah minatangnya gambar nya ah..
another view from a distance.. I'm not going to do some articulation test or do an special pose on her .. kan tecabut ganya weapon & accessories nya ah.. bagi mental jua tu..
time to meet up with chris.. I guess that all for today. I'll see you guys in my next post.. hope u enjoy the review and c u guys around...
Where to buy: - Secret, B$100.00

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I bet most of you are familiar with the car that Illustrated on the box..Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86), the greatest and popular Japanese racing car from INITIAL D, The anime & manga focus on the world of illegal japanese street racing, where all the action is concentrated in the mountain passes and rarely in cities.
and again.. close-up view of the main character TAKUMI FUJIWARA..

now lets open the box and see what do we have inside.. for the first time ever..ada extra gift lagi.. figurine made of paper..
the manual instruction.. this kit is very simple and easy to finish.. as they are not to detail and every parts are made in one piece and ready to snap together.
I've no idea when can I start working on this model.. By now I got more then 3 cars waiting for me to finish them up.. I just not in the mood to touch them right now!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello Again.. This is the Ironman mask from Hasbro.. I bought it few weeks ago.. these is a must have collection to those who are big fan of Ironman.. But to be honest I'm not a big fan of ironman. I bought this mask as it look so awesome and it grabs my attention as it comes with some cool features..
ok here is the back view of the box.. printed with few Images of the helmet & instruction.
Time to get Busy!! we need to attach & assemble few parts before we can use it.. it only took few minutes to snap everything together... inda lama bui
if u got problem during the installation.. I guess u just need to follow the manual instruction here.. bagi yg inda handal saja ni...
After few minute.. siap
Where to buy: Hua Ho Kiulap.Price: B$67.31 (discounted price)

Friday, May 14, 2010


hi guys.. It has been a week that I left my blog here from any update, I do apologies for that. So tonight I'm about to show you guys some of my new collection that I've bought few weeks ago.
Drift RC.. Bought it from Little M with discounted price $17.00. I use to play RC drift before.. tapi since I get married ku jual semua RC ku..
some more RC model which is available to choose.
Unbelievable they are made with high quality plastic & very excellence on the detail.
except for the paint job and the decal, totally sucks!! BIDA!! will do something on it .. just keep on scrolling..
now lets do the assembling, we see how good are they...
It won't take long to fix them together.. and below here a some instruction on how to control the RC to drift...
Now let see.. I did some modification on the body.. as I made a new paint job & do some adjustment on the suspension kit hehe bagi randah lagi
sorry I didn't take any picture during the paint job..
front view.. emmm.. something missing here..
Lowered to the max.. I use some unused tamiya decal on the body

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello everyone.. today I'm going to made special post base on my special order which I've been waiting for almost 2 month since I made my payment via paypal.. Pikir ilang sudah ..
A transkit parts for 1/24 scale model from MEKO (Tokyo Japan) believe me this item are very pricy .. sometime I feel regret for buying this item..
ok here we go.. firstly the McLaren -Benz SLR.. I'm going to use my finish model for this transformation.. u can check out here..
This is how it will look like.. mun menjadi jua tu hehe
ok secondly the Lexus Wald ISF
and for this kit.. I bought a brand new IS350 model kit from Fujimi.. check out the rear bumper.. inda ku sabar kan membuat!!
cemani tah usulnya once ia siap...rim ani pun dibaginya jua...
Where to buy: Ebay, US$38.00 each without shipping (shipping charges for both US$20)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


These are my today's hunting.. Found it while I was buying some kitchen stuff at Giant Hypermarket..
There are 4 sets all together but I'm only manage to get this two. I'll going to hunting down the rest soon. Suk kali
No.1/4 OCC Splitback
No.2/4 Bad Bagger

Monday, May 3, 2010


As I promise tonight I'm going to Post my latest SHF FIGURATS Collection.. which I've bought this morning from one of our local Toys supplier mana lagi CH-TOYNATION
I've been waiting for this item for almost a month.. looking forward to collect the others DBZ characters..
Out of the box.. perfectly arrange
Protected with double layer Plastic shield.
there are alot of accessories & extra head given with difference reaction & pose
ok now lets do some pose..
aku suka pose yang ani.. super cool...
no lets compare with my previous SHF FIGURATS .. Kutaknya lagi basar dikit dari goku
Where to buy: CH-TOYNATION, B$59.00 each