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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Since last year.. I've been very active with my old hobby which is collecting & assembling Model kit. I've been starting collecting when I was still doing my study in Secondary school.. tapi kali ani lain dikit.. I mostly like to do a rebuild project on my oldies collection.. mana yang ku rasa not satisfied will be the victim.. and this Porsche a one of the example..
Firstly I was planning to do new body paint..but bad thing happen.. checkout on the next photo..anyw before ani keta ani warna hijau colornya..
there!!! sumpak bah... I guess this happen coz of the Tamiya cement..keep on scrolling.. find out how did I solve this problem..
taddaaaa... ilang atapnya tarus..
few days later... I made a major changes on the body work.. adding on wide fender and side skirt and new bigger wheels ..I'm using Tamiya Putty to do the wide fender..
the finishing... done with new paint job, body work, new rims & new interior look
I'm choosing red color as the interior color.. just to give the powerful & aggressive look n mewah kali lah... heheh
Final shoot.. hope u guys like it.. thanks for viewing.. See u guys in my next post.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello everyone.. as I promise tonight I'm going to post My latest T-shirt collection which I've bought two days ago.. Ok don't waste more time .. check it out...
Best Eastern.. The only local shop that can supply this kind of T-shirt.. To those who interested to buy or made an order u can simply drop by to their main branch at the Atirah Plaza Building next to the Soon Lee Megamart Batu Satu..
As they told me.. this is the only superman's T-shirt that comes on their latest shipment.. there will be another shipment coming by end of this month.. so better hurry next time..
and ya.. they oso giving me this promotional postcard for free.. End of the post..
Where to buy: BEST EASTERN B$42.00

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello everyone.. I just wanna make a quick post here.. 1/24 scale model.. Dodge Viper from Revell.. have a closer look of the packaging, there are totally difference from Tamiya or other 1/24 scale model product... kutaknya macak kutak cornflakes..
back packaging.. simple but attractive.
To those who are planning to turn on with this hobby.. I'm not recommend you to try this kit as they are not to detail which as a finishing result macam tampuyak jadinya mun inda handal masang..
this is the second time I made the paint job on this model.. at first warna biru .. but den I made the second repaint last month.. much better lah dari yang mula2
I guess i need to give the lining detail .. baru nampak realistic dikit
top view.. I will add on some decal bila ku ada masa lah hehe.. at this moment I'm doing a rebuild project on my Porsche.. I will post on it soon..

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Selamat Malam Semua.. It has been 2 days I've not updating this blog.. I was Bz doing somthing on ebay and feel lazy to made any update
ok tonight I would like to introduce to all of you some more of my MICROMAN collection starting with this guy.
MICROMAN MF2-02 ( groundmaster Alan), made since 1974
Can u see at right conner of the box.. this is one of thousands kind product made by Takara
ok lets take him out.. for the first & the last time ever..
have a closer look.. and lets transform..
as usual given with manual instruction of the item.
and a catalogue of the product.. manyak lagi ni jalamanya yg available for collection..
now enjoy the rest of the photo..
I like this shoot...I wish I could get this armor suit.. dapat pakai untuk cosplayer.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello guys.. remember on my first Pump gun review.. I did mention that I found a box with my oldie collections.. nah ani some of the collection.. hope u enjoy with this post..
I'm totally forgot with this stuff. since I move to my new home in Lambak (2years ago) I've lost them and now luckily dapat jua balik..
there are 15 set of 1/6 scale katanas & weapons all together packaged individually inside this box. Above pic. the front packaging of the box.
Back view of the packaging.. printed with photos of the weapons & katanas. ok now lets do one review of the sets.
given with proper stand to hold the samurai oso name tag as indication name of the samurai I guess lah..
what u need to do is to snap each parts of the samurai and once u done cemani tah jadinya ni..
end of post.. make sure to came back for the next 14 difference weapons & katanas reviews..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have promise with some one about this special replica handgun, it is one of the most greatest replica hand gun (pump gun) I ever had.. so tonight I'm going to post it. kan show off ku malam ani.. siapa berani mai tah..
This is my most favorite replica Pump gun ever .. I have bought more then 5 set of this model.. semua ku pajak.. few set of it.. I sold it to my frnd with higher price due to demand masa atu.. perasan macam robokap..
the final transformation.. look at closer..so detail as it look like real gun..tapi inda lah macam banar sangat.. bedusta jua tu..
some detail on the gun.. mun $300 pun ku inda melapas ni!!
last picture of the post.. enjoy as much as u can...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night I was dreaming that my wife buying me this PORSCHE CARRERA GT for my bufday present .. so tonight I'm posting up this car with hopping that my dream will came true heheh
I got this model car 2 years ago.. and manage to complete assembling last year.. I bought it from one of our local hobby store.. NANYANG di KB cost me B$65.00
At first,I was planning to do the body paint with red color but I change my plan when I manage to find this color (fine yellow)
Back View
The rims are painted with glossy black color to make it look more aggressive & powerful.
now lets compare with the actual 1:1 scale actual Porsche Carrera GT..iatah dalam giris ku masa ani.. caya kamu!!