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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi guys.. this are my continuation from my previous post on my IRONMAN Collection..
This is how the figure look like.. New suit for his coming up movie
IRONMAN MARK VI with Power-Up Glow.
To much jua eh.. inda jua panuh badan marak Lampunya atu!!
Where to buy: BEBELAND, B$16.90 each

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi again.. Tonight I'll made another review on my Ironman 2 collection.. Enjoy the review :P
ok as u know in the next movie of ironman 2 there will be another good guy character created in helping Tony (ironman) protecting & preventing evil power from destroying their city.
To bad.. I only manage to get this War Machine in comic series version.. by now i still hunting for the Movie Series version.. kalau ada siapa2 tedapat n masih lagi dalam box nya.. Jual tia...
WAR MACHINE.. Build by Ironman for his best friend James Rhodes, The War Machine armor was meant to fill in whenever IronMan wasn't available. Every bit as powerful as Tony Stark's original armor, and bristling with weapons, War Machine is build not just to stop vil, but to destroy it totally.
I'll made another review on the Ironman Mark IV soon.. so stay tune.
Where to buy: BEBELAND, B$16.90 each


Good morning everyone.. and Happy weekend !!! Today I'm about to share with you my Weekend Project which I've done last night..Im sure some of you are familiar with this stuff.. But to those who are not, please check out this site http://www.cubeecraft.com/index.php
Ok here are some tools that required to start the project.. Cutting pad, Scissor, hobby knife & marker pen(fro lining) macam gundam kali ah...
Download the characters u like from link given.. then print them out on thicker paper..pas atu baru buleh start.. starting by cutting out carefully the 5 parts using the hobby knife or scissor.. then fold it and attach each edge by insert to the hold given according to the alphabet given..
here some random picture that I've took last night.. and below the finish result.
tips.. whatever u do.. please do it carefully & patiently

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is another beautiful product from the Mr.Potato Head, a must have collection to those who a big fan with Ironman
Side & Back view of the Box.. I bought it last week from one of our local store in kulap. mana lagi Bebeland.. one of the biggest supplier of Hasbro product.
It cost me B$29.90 and by now there are only left few unit in stock.. so to those who a planning kan bali atu.. better hurry..
out of the box.. very nice & perfectly painted. Love the Head so much especially with his two big eyes..
this is where he keeps all the extra parts.. kira macam stornya lah
They should paint both of his hand with body color.. misti lagi lawa tu!
Where to buy: BEBELAND, B$29.90

Thursday, April 22, 2010


As I Promise last night, I'm going to made the final post on my latest Hotwheels Japan version.
RIDERON.. baru ku tau ni Kamen Riders Ada matuka...
The Back Packaging..
JOKER.. bukan joker batman ni..
Where to buy: EBAY B$20 each plus shipping

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Good Morning people.. Yesterday I received one of my parcel from singapore.. Have a closer look.. and hope u guys enjoy it.
here we go.. I'm fully stratified with this seller.. as u can see, the package are totally fully protected except for the rubber ban atu lah...
ok now lets take them out..5 hari kali ah dalam kutak...
there are 4 set all together.. I'll made another review for the another two soon..
sorry, I have no idea apa namanya... Katun Gaban kali ni characternya ah
the back packaging.. overall written in japanese language.. each card are stamp with registered number.
closer view
Now lets do some comparation with Malaysia Hotwheels.
Where to buy: EBAY B$20 each plus shipping

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been waiting for this parcel for almost 2 months.. gila punya seller... register mail saja ..
It is my first time dealing with seller from Turky.. by now I'll be more careful when buying an item from the related country.. Lambat kan mati bagi jara saja...
ok lets check it out.. baju Batman bah.. I bought it for my wife as the size is only available in size S.. so inda ngam tuk badan ku yang tough ani..
bought it for only B$14.80 plus shipment charges..

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Friday, April 9, 2010


Hi everyone.. first of all I'm so sorry for the lack of update..as usual I'm busy with my new routine life.. which need me to spend most of my time by taking care of my wife and my future generation..
Ok as I've promises.. I'm going to made a special review on this stuff here as this is my first Enterbay's collection and will going to be one of my greatest collection one day..
let's check out the packaging dulu.. Comparing with the Hottoys..Enterbay have a very unique & interesting box which they are more heavy and so unexpected on how they pack the figure & the accessories given ..Keep on scrolling to find out..
Open Sesame... Inside the Pakage.. They made another two sets of small boxes.. where they keep off individually the figurine and the accessories.
With black interior color boxes.. I can say.. it look more Expensive and luxury.. Just my opinion lah..
here the accessories given.. and the best part.. they oso include with this exclusive Enterbay Certificate as a prove that this item is made originally with authorize by Enterbay.
Ok now the figurine... Out of the coffin.. hehe.. have a closer look.. I can say It worth the price lah... detail kali ah.. I'll made another review on the figure soon.. so stay tune for part 2.
Where to buy: Robotnation B$190.00

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hello Guys.. here I just wanna share with u my latest 1/6 figurine from the Enterbay.. will came up with another post of it soon.. so stay tune for more.. ani my first Enterbay collection ni..