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Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi everyone. As I had promise you yesterday, here is my next post. I will be review my new Gundam which I have finished assembled last two days ago. Don't waste more time. Keep on scrolling down. Enjoy!

3 hours working..Everthing look messy and kusut. Haha.. Khusuk membuat ni.

As I said before, this is the best part when every single part is done and ready to snap on to the position. Are you ready to rumble?!

Taddaa... Finished the project in 12 hours time. Complete with the lining detail and sticker.

8 hours assembling / 3 hours for lining detail & 1 hour for decal

Enjoy the rest of the photo and feel free to comment on it.

Frontal view. By now, I'm planning to get my self an airbrush maybe after Hari Raya lah. Insyallah.. I will try to add more shading effect on the body. Misti kacak lagi macam aku ni hehe..

Rear View. Nothing much to show. I just the lining details.

Sama jua ni macam text diatas.. jangan majal..

I wonder why the sticker are look so bad from here. Do u have any idea why it's like that?! Please let me know. Maybe I miss something or do anything wrong with it. I don't know.

My 1/100 Gundam collections. One of the them, i get it by winning from the Shewsbury Land game contest. I won for the second place. Justt my luck!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hello! A very good morning ladies & gentlemen. Today is the second week of our fasting month and I'm so glad that we still can enjoy our daily life with harmony & prosperity. Enjoy your life and spend time with ur beloved one & family as much as we can..

Ok, for today i'm going to share with you my new Medicom Goku Super Saiyan version, which i have bought yesterday from our local toys supplier, Chong Hock Toynation. Here, I would like express a special thanks to Eric for bringing one of my most favourite character. Eric, thanks and hope to see more Dragonball characters in your shop in the future.

Now start with the review. The packaging are totally looks awesome and I'm glad that this goku come with proctected plastic cover which mean super saiyan with super virgin lah. From the above picture shown are the side of the packaging with the word "DragonBallZ"

As you can see from this picture, this figure includes with few poseable hands which you can make alot of poseable action. kame.. hame..ha..

Inside of the box. Take a closer look on the face..perfectly painted.

Nah, here i have few random pictures taken for you.. Enjoy watching!

the famous pose..apa kah nama nya lupa ku.. hehe sory..

To me, the weakness on the medicom are lacking on the detailing part. The shading on the face are nothing...

eh jalama disana.. dari mana luah mu..

oi.. siapakin ko ani.. meluat ku melihat muha mu ani.. hambut lagi kuning..
Mcm ku pernah liat ko ani.. dmna yaa??

this is where i keep him.. Need to separate both of them. otherwise inda beranti bekelahi.
My next pose MG Gundam .. stay tune for review.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


FAKE...FAKE...FAKE... Yup this is the fake OP helmet which made by china..The packaging, size and design are 98% similar to the original helmet which are originally made by Hasbro & Takara.

this thing are also equipped with the voice changer technology that activated with 3 AA battery.
Autobots, roll out!

the back packaging include with the manual instruction and information of the helmet features. Sound ala... lampu ala.. manyak bagui ini balang ma...

out of the box .. have a closer look

look at the shine.. marvelous right... ngalih ku polish ni... hhehe

Now, lets try put on the helmet.. Jojo...gerenti makin hansom ku posing ani hehe

Guess what. I found out this guy inside the OP helmet box.. free give lah ni hehe.. The one and only hero in the Gotham City, Batman.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi Guys..wat's up... Sory guys.. I'm so lazy to post my stuff this lately.. here just wanna share with you guys my latest collection which i just bought few weeks ago.. enjoy..

few of Revoltech collection

1/6 Mizuho Kazami Collectible PVC

7" Figure,Executioner Majini (Resident Evil 5) & Edward & Bella From The Twilight

12" True Type Figure from Hot Toys.. Thanks Eric .. i have been waiting for this..

Some new Gunlap collection & Gundam Marker.

The Simpson Nodder, Bart & Homer.. ya this is not a play thing...

and ya.. not to forget.. my most latest collection, just bought it few hours ago

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


wow..I don't expect this Package will arrive so fast.. it took less then a week after I made the payment via paypal to the seller..

do u wanna know what do i get here.. ok get ready.. hehe inda jua berapa...

I bought this two revoltech form a seller on ebay with a cheaper price.. the stuff it self cost me US$4.00 and shipping for US$12.00.. yup that true the shipping charges are more expensive then the toys hehe..

but when u convert to Brunei Doller, I still bought it with cheaper price around B$24 each..
anyw if u interested to get it here i attach the link to the seller
( http://stores.shop.ebay.com/BOBO-ANGEL-TOYs-PARADISE__W0QQ_armrsZ1 )
please copy paste the link hehe
...happy shopping...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Anaeyosayo! Hello everyone.. I would like to dedicate this post to one of my friend who willing to sacrifices his Gundam for selling it to me. hehe skyl thanks for this. I love you man! ilang jua gian ku. haha..

I started the project last saturday on the first day of Ramadhan. I decided to do and finish up the gundam since i have nothing to do and feel bored with the long weekend. I'm sorry that I only manage to take this photo at the middle of the busy time. lupa kan gambar dari awal.. heheh lapar punya pasal.. Busy banar th udh tu smpai lupa mengambar.

Do you know which part of gundam is this? Try to guess it! Hehe.. Here some more picture which I manage to take a few hours later.

This is the best part when every single part is done and ready to snap on to the position. Marvellous! Can't to start assembling them together. Bah, lajuth!

This is the completed product of the Gundam which took me about 2 day to finish it including with all the detail lining and perfectly stick on some part of the figure. I now understand why some people are really crazy to collect this Gundam. I'm really2 into and addicted to it udah. Cna ni..

Enjoy the rest of the photo and feel free to comment on it. If you have any suggestion and tips on making perfect gundam, please share with us. For sure, it can help us to develop our skill and move to the next level.

I will try to paint on the gun for detailing. Insyallah!

beg sekulahnya basar hantap...

End of the post.. I will come up with next project.. RX 78-2 stay tune and hope u enjoy watching it.