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Thursday, June 9, 2011


tonight post will be my Hottoys IRONMAN MARK IV.. don't waste more time.. kan tidur ku dah ni...
anyway the Hottoys Ironman 2 : Mark 4 figure packaging is prerty simple and strightforwar, color printing on glossy card for the outer cover.
when we sliding off the slipcase cover.. you will get another box with window box showing the Ironman Mark IV figurine and accessories displayes in its tray for all to see.
closer look of the internal box (window box that i mention before)
ok mari kita rogol dia.. basically there are three tray in all holding the figure, accessories and two sets of stand.. the first tray as usual holding most of the Mark IV extra accessories, the extra head sculpture with authentic likeness of Robert Downey as Tony Stark, one donut with box and three pairs of extra hands and not to forgot the Mark IV it self..
there were two types of stand given on this pack.. one an oval -shaped figure stand with mark IV nameplate withmovie logo and an additional square shape figure stand with LED light up function which operated by battery.
talking on the head sculpture to me.. this look 100% like Robert Downey Jr as Tony stark.. one of the best top 3 head sculpture that Hottoys ever made..
as i mention before.. this Mark IV are given with pair of hand with movable fingers which have individual articulation for each joint.. cool jua tu kan...
stay tune for more review and more picture of this Mark IV in my next post..

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ken said...

may i know how much you buy and where u get?