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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


hello guys.. I believe some of you who born in 80's are familiar with this car.. yup this is Thunder hawk build by Matt Trakker the leader team from the 80's cartoon series M.A.S.K..
luckily.. I was offered by one local collector who's still manage to keep this collection for almost 30 years..and the best this .. murah lagi tu jual nya... hehe
and that's what i call history...betaun tu abuknya..
and i believe iatah first time nya kali kana buka ni..
here.. cleaning up in progress...
better then before..
one thing that bother me with this car is all the original decal has been replace by the first owner with black colored sticker ...
and guess what.. I found a website selling for the decal replacement.. to be continued..

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