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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yeah... finally I'm back for blogging... as a starter I'm going to share one of my HotWheels project which I've made specially for BRUNEI'S HOTWHEELS CLUB fanpage and all brunei hotwheels lover out there..
check out the Fanpage here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bruneis-HotWheels-Club/182399138457113 and feel free to join..
I pick this 1/64 DD (dairy delivery) for my first custom as this model is kinda a limited and rare model to get.. I only manage to collect 2 sets for my own collection..
with the help of Tamiya putty .. I successfully made the wide fender to overside the kit and made a change to the look of this DD..
done with sanding and body paint..
memasang decal.. I successfully made the design of the decal on Photoshop.. the hardest part is to measure the design and fit accurately to the body..
my first custom decal!! what do u think.. cawirrr kali ah hehe..
here are some of my first custom project which i did specially for the Brunei's Hotwheels Club.. I also made a custom box for the car it self.. and made the printing on a hard card paper..
and here are some of my latest creation.. so please stay tune ...


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