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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this is the continuation from my previous post.. I've purchase online for the replacement decal and I get the parcel after 2 weeks later.. laju hantap nyamu!!
95% accurately to the factory decal.. cost me around for only B$14.00 including shipment.. to compare between the factory decal with this one .. I can say this new replacement decal is more better as they have the realistic 3d feel..
I give you the naked Thunderhawk.. 18SX only hehe.. now it time to pimp her out!!
Matt Trackker the M.A.S.K team leader.. be spec tia helmetnya as they have include a decal for Matt's Trakker famous mask!!. cool huh!!
after 15 minutes later.. all decal is placed to it own original place.. if u really want to makeover your own Thunderhawk like a brand new.. I suggest u must pick up this amazing sticker sheet because believe me they look damn sharp and very eye catching.
Here is the website where you can get your Thunderhawk sticker sheet..

1 comment:

David John Shewsbury said...

you are lucky to get this MASK item with cheap price?.... jeles ku eh... LOL